All Visa types eligible including J-1/2, F-1/2, M-1, HB and all US-inbound work/study travelers

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Now you can help your participants stay connected here in the United States with
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With our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee we offer the safest, smartest and convenient way to get the most wireless for less!

Mobile for work & study travelers

All plans come with lightning fast 4G LTE data, and
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J1SIM Participants Benefits

Activate from anywhere

Participants can activate their account from their home country so they can start using their service as soon as they land in the U.S.

Instant connectivity

Instant internet and cell phone access help participants to get around in their new home.

Easy setup

Plans come with a free SIM card, no social security information or contract required and plans can be cancelled at any time.

Budget friendly

Low-cost plans are budget friendly and available short term, so participants can buy service as they use it.

Use own unlocked device

Participants can activate any plan on their own unlocked GSM device.

Savings for everyone

Not just for visitors! Traveling staff and tourists can get in on the savings, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get SIM cards to offer to my students/participants?
Order FREE SIMs here or simply send a request to detailing how many SIM cards you will need, where to ship them and when you would like to receive the cards. There is no cost for shipping or the SIM cards themselves.

Does it cost us anything to provide the SIM cards to our participants
No, the service is completely free. We provide SIM cards at no cost or obligation. Participants are only charged if they decide to register for a mobile plan.

How do I speak with a member of the J1SIM team?
Contact a member of the J1SIM team by emailing

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